Photography Tips for Dog Portraits

1.    Try to take photos of your dog outside in natural daylight, preferably when the sun is at an angle providing shadows and drama.

2.    If you prefer an inside photo, use lighting that is bright enough to provide detailed photos (not grainy) of your dog.

3.    Get close to your dog when photographing rather than using a zoom feature.

4.    If you wish a full body portrait, fill the entire viewfinder with your dog and take several pictures; then using the optical zoom feature, zoom in on the face and take additional photos to provide more detail of the face for the painting.

5.    If, sadly, your dog has passed away, provide as many photos as possible letting me know which ones are your favorites.


Prices for a head portrait start around $200 for an 8x10" to $300 for an 11x14"  and $400 for an 16x20" full body portrait on canvas with a plain color background.  Paintings on linen boards slightly more.  Prices increase for larger paintings, multiple animals and more complex backgrounds.  Frame is included in the price.